Release Notes: V.1.3 - 07/18/2023

July 17, 2023

Introducing LiftAI's New Invoice Indicator Feature: Empowering Consultants to Maximize Invoice Savings

We are thrilled to announce the release of LiftAI's latest feature, the Invoice Indicator, designed to revolutionize the way consultants review invoices and uncover significant savings opportunities. With this powerful tool, consultants can gain valuable insights into their clients' invoices, track the total number of invoices reviewed, and assess the proposed amount, after-review amount, and the resulting savings. The Invoice Indicator is equipped with advanced filtering options, enabling consultants to analyze invoices based on client, property, region, invoice class and type, service provider, and a flexible time period of up to two years back.

Unparalleled Visibility into Invoice Metrics

LiftAI's Invoice Indicator offers consultants unprecedented visibility into their clients' invoicing data. By leveraging this feature, consultants can easily access and assess key metrics, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of invoice savings. Here's what the Invoice Indicator provides:

1. Total Number of Invoices: Keep track of the number of invoices processed, providing a clear overview of the volume of invoices reviewed.

2. Proposed Amount: Gain insight into the initial amount proposed in the invoices, allowing consultants to identify potential discrepancies or excessive charges.

3. After-Review Amount: Understand the revised amount after the consultant's review, ensuring accuracy and alignment with agreed-upon terms.

4. Savings: Instantly calculate the savings achieved through the review process, allowing consultants to showcase their expertise in optimizing clients' financial outcomes.

Effortless Filtering for Enhanced Analysis

The Invoice Indicator feature comes equipped with advanced filtering options, empowering consultants to perform detailed analysis and focus on specific aspects of the invoicing data. Here are the available filtering options:

1. Client: Filter invoices based on specific clients, enabling a targeted assessment of individual customer accounts.

2. Property: Analyze invoices related to specific properties, allowing consultants to identify patterns and optimize savings for each location.

3. Region: Drill down into invoices by region, providing insights into geographical variations and localized trends.

4. Invoice Class & Type: Filter invoices by class and type, enabling consultants to focus on specific categories and better understand their impact on overall expenses.

5. Service Provider: Analyze invoices based on the service providers involved, facilitating effective supplier management and negotiation strategies.

6. Time Period: Select a flexible time range of up to two years back to review historical data and track long-term trends.

Maximizing Invoice Efficiency and ROI

By harnessing LiftAI's Invoice Indicator, consultants can streamline their invoice review process and unlock substantial savings for their clients. With its comprehensive metrics and powerful filtering options, consultants can now optimize their analysis, identify areas for cost reduction, and deliver exceptional results.

Are you ready to take control of your invoice management and unlock significant savings? Explore LiftAI's Invoice Indicator feature today and discover a smarter, more efficient way to review invoices.

July 17, 2023
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Lift AI Product Team


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