New KPIs, Client Portal Enhancements, and More in eAMP

May 17, 2024

We're excited to announce the latest updates to our Elevator Asset Management Platform (eAMP)! Our team has been hard at work to bring you new features that enhance your experience and provide even greater value. With these updates, you'll find it easier than ever to manage your elevators, gain insights, and keep your clients informed. Let's dive into the new features we've rolled out in this release:

Find the Problematic Elevator: Callbacks and Callback Rate per Elevator

We've added callbacks and callback rate data to the Elevators table, helping you identify and address elevators with recurring issues.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency: Properties Grouped by Service Provider Without Ticket Data

Easily view properties that haven't submitted ticket data for the selected period, grouped by service provider, ensuring no data is missed and the KPI's reflect accurate data.

Show Your Clients Your Value: Rejected Dollars KPI on Invoices & Proposals Page

A new KPI on the invoice page shows the amount for rejected dollars, providing clear insights into rejected invoices and/or proposals that don't contribute to client savings.

Visibility for Your Clients: Client Portal Now Shows Tickets

Clients can now access service tickets on the client portal, in addition to the existing KPIs, offering a more comprehensive view of their elevator management.

Customized Table Views: Save the Visibility of Your Columns

Save your preferred column visibility settings in tables, ensuring your custom view remains intact across sessions.

Get the Data You Need: New Filters That Apply to All Pages on eAMP

New filters for region and service provider are now available on tables, allowing for more precise data analysis and reporting across all views.

May 17, 2024
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Lift AI Product Team


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