Gain control of your elevator assets and meet the standards your properties deserve

Tailored for property owners, our platform ensures your elevators achieve and maintain the high standards your properties merit.


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A Centralized Solution for Managing your Elevator Assets

All elevator essentials under one roof:

Portfolio Management

Performance Pulse

Transparent Billing

Equipment IQ


Reward excellence and ensure accountability

Effortlessly ensure your properties' elevators are in compliance with contract terms using Performance Pulse:

From Reactive to Proactive: Pinpoint and rectify performance anomalies before they escalate

Extend Equipment Life: Make informed decisions with data-driven insights for longer-lasting elevators

Satisfied Tenants: Stay updated on elevator performance to enhance tenant experience

Reward Service Provider Performance: Implement bonus systems and deductions based on their performance

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Unlocking Asset Excellence

Enhanced transparency in elevator asset management.

Efficient administration, centralized tools mean less time managing and more time optimizing.

Ownership of elevator data.

Extended elevator lifespan through data-driven planning.

Increased accountability in elevator servicing.


Broaden Your Service Spectrum and Boost Your Earnings

Calling all elevator consultants! Integrate eAMP into your suite of services and see an uptick in client satisfaction and revenue.

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Discover more about our innovative Asset Management Platform and IoT Sensor, and learn how they work together to transform the elevator industry.


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The leading Elevator Management Platform

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Elevator management -- in one place

Lift AI collects elevator and service data and provides a complete toolkit to every team.


Lift AI Pro

Cartop mounted, building-powered sensor that records detailed usage and performance data in realtime. Fits any car top. No Wi-Fi required. Installs in 30 mins.

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Lift AI Core

Lift AI's in-cabin battery powered sensor allows non technical installation. Records detailed usage and performance data in realtime. No Wi-Fi required. Installs in 10 mins. 

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Partner product

Text/Video System

Wur-Com enables voice, video, and text communication inside elevators for compliance with new ASME 2019 code requirements. Compatible with Lift AI.

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For Property Managers

Achieve visibility and guaranteed results with Lift AI's worry free elevator monitoring and management solution.

Explore Lift AI for Property Managers 
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For Elevator Consultants

Delight customers, grow your business, and get more done with the complete elevator management toolkit.

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For Service Companies

Deploy technology enabled services that deliver premium value to your customers.

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3.5 YEARS.

We've learned a lot about the future of Iot in the elevator & commercial real estate industries.

We are now taking those learnings and building lift Ai 2.0.

More to come here IN Q2 2023.

-Rob Wurth
Founder & CEO

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