Lift AI, Southern Elevator, & Intelevator Partner for the Largest Independent Elevator IoT Deployment in North America

April 19, 2023

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce Lift AI’s partnership with Southern Elevator Company and Intelevator to revolutionize the elevator industry with the largest independent elevator IoT deployment in North America. As CEO of Lift AI, I believe this partnership will have a significant impact on the vertical transportation industry.

Our IoT-enabled software solutions will provide data from 1000 Lift AI devices to power a new SaaS application developed by Lift AI, specifically designed for elevator mechanics and their customers. This SaaS application will offer Lift AI & Intelevator-powered insights directly to field mechanics and Southern Elevator’s customers.

During an initial pilot program that began last year, we quickly realized that Lift AI's IoT technology was uniquely suited to meet Southern Elevator’s need for an equipment-agnostic IoT solution that could scale to multiple thousands of elevators. Lift AI’s experience in developing custom SaaS applications that can harness its own IoT data in addition to partner data enabled the discussions to become increasingly ambitious in scope.

Joe Jensen, VP of Strategy & Integration at Southern Elevator, who has been working closely with Lift AI for over two years, stated, “What we are building with Lift AI and Intelevator is going to revolutionize the elevator industry and I am thrilled to be part of this project. We have seen great results during our pilot program, and I am looking forward to expanding on the success we have seen thus far.”

Our mission at Lift AI is to bring the world’s elevators online. This partnership furthers our mission and enhances Southern Elevator’s reputation as a premier independent elevator service company. We are excited to introduce our new IoT-enabled software globally this Fall and invite interested companies to contact us to join the beta-test program.

Glenn Barnes, Operations Manager for Southern Elevator, said, “At Southern Elevator, we believe that our clients and their elevators are entitled to a provider that focuses on preventative maintenance. While other elevator companies only show up when breakdowns occur, we are on site routinely to put hands and eyes on our customers’ equipment. Lift AI and Intelevator data provide our service mechanics with valuable information that allows us to target our resources and maintenance tasks on specific potential problem areas and proactively prevent operational issues before they occur, making our time on site more efficient and valuable to our customer.”

The partnership between Lift AI, Southern Elevator, and Intelevator will have a significant impact on the vertical transportation industry. Our IoT-enabled software solutions will enhance the customer experience and the quality of service delivery to maintenance customers.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to changing the industry with you.

April 19, 2023
Published by
Rob Wurth


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