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Guaranteed elevator performance. Done for you.

Achieve visibility and results with Lift AI's worry free elevator monitoring and management solution.

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How it works

Elevator Monitoring
Lift AI remotely monitors elevator performance with a plug-and-play IoT sensor.
Maintenance Oversight
Lift AI collects data from your maintenance company's ticketing system.
Performance Guarantees
Lift AI deploys performance based contracts on your behalf.
Expert Management
Your certified elevator expert manages every aspect of your portfolio.
Elevator Monitoring

Shine a light in the dark

Lift AI unlocks visibility into elevator performance and service operations in one unified view.

Service Performance
Maintenance Oversight

Gain control of your elevator program

Achieve accountability and results with Lift AI's pioneering elevator management solution that puts you in control.

Elevator Data
Maintenance Tickets
Daily Reports
Data & Insights
Performance Guarantees

Get results, or your money back

Make contractors accountable to your desired results and insure you get the performance you are paying for, or get your money back.

Use our proven incentive plan or create your own.

Pay premiums for excellence
Get discounts when standards are not met
Expert Management

Hit the easy button

Sit back and watch your program reach new heights as your certified expert actively manages every aspect of your portfolio. We’ve got you covered.

24/7 oversight, rapid incident response

Targeted maintenance plan

Periodic inspections and audits

Regular contractor meetings

Capital expenditure planning

Advisory services

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Your certified elevator experts

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Starting at $25/month per elevator

+ One time set up and device fees

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Guaranteed elevator performance.
Done for you.

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